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1. What is Nayeghar Company?

Nayeghar Company is a real estate development firm specializing in residential and commercial properties.

2. Where is Nayeghar Company located?

Nayeghar Company’s headquarters are located in Taloja kharghar Navi Mumbai with projects spanning across various regions.

3. What types of properties does Nayeghar Company develop?

Nayeghar Company develops a wide range of properties including residential apartments, villas, commercial spaces, and mixed-use developments.

4.How can I contact Nayeghar Company for inquiries?

You can reach Nayeghar Company through their website, phone number, or by visiting their office during business hours.

5. Does Nayeghar Company offer financing options for buyers?

Yes, Nayeghar Company often partners with financial institutions to offer financing options to potential buyers.

6. Are Nayeghar Company’s properties eco-friendly?

Nayeghar Company prioritizes sustainability in their developments, incorporating eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient designs and green spaces.

7. How can I stay updated on Nayeghar Company’s upcoming projects?

You can subscribe to Nayeghar Company’s newsletter or follow them on social media platforms for updates on their latest projects and developments.

8. Does Nayeghar Company provide property management services?

Yes, Nayeghar Company offers property management services for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring optimal maintenance and tenant satisfaction.

9. Are Nayeghar Company’s properties equipped with modern amenities?

Yes, Nayeghar Company integrates modern amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, recreational areas, and security systems into their properties.

10. Can I customize my home if I purchase from Nayeghar Company?

Nayeghar Company often offers customization options for buyers, allowing them to personalize their homes according to their preferences.

11. Does Nayeghar Company have a customer service department?

Yes, Nayeghar Company has a dedicated customer service department to address inquiries, concerns, and feedback from clients.

12. Are Nayeghar Company’s properties compliant with local regulations and building codes?

Yes, Nayeghar Company ensures that all their developments adhere to local regulations and building codes to guarantee safety and legality.

13. Does Nayeghar Company offer after-sales support?

Yes, Nayeghar Company provides after-sales support to assist buyers with any issues or maintenance needs post-purchase.

14. Can international buyers purchase properties from Nayeghar Company?

Yes, Nayeghar Company welcomes international buyers and provides assistance throughout the purchasing process, including legal and documentation requirements.

15. Is Nayeghar Company involved in any community outreach or CSR activities?

Yes, Nayeghar Company is committed to corporate social responsibility and often participates in community outreach programs and initiatives aimed at social welfare and development.

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